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Release Notes for Software V2.2

These Release Notes contain a technical description of the most important changes of this release of the MOBOTIX network camera. Refer to News for a more general description of the release news in this help.

Please note that some features in the dialogs will only be visible if the More button at the bottom of a dialog has been pressed.

Changes in Software M10-V2.0.3

This list describes the changes between the software versions M1-V1.9.4 and M10-V2.0.3 of the MOBOTIX M10 model family.

Using the Software

The software M10-V2.0 can only be used with MOBOTIX cameras of the M10 model family. This software will not run on M1 models. Since the software M10-V2.0 has been derived from version M1-V1.9 of the MOBOTIX M1, the version count for the M10 software starts with 2.0.

This MOBOTIX M10 is available in several models. Not all of the features mentioned in the following are available for every camera model.

Hardware Requirements

The software M10-V2.0 supports the following hardware properties of the MOBOTIX M10 cameras, that are different from the M1 models:

Incompatible File Formats Compared to Predecessor Version M1

Numerous enhancements have been implemented between the operating system software M1-V1.9 of the MOBOTIX M1 and M10-V2.0 of the MOBOTIX M10, resulting in the following modified file formats that are incompatible with the old formats:

The format of the audio files and most of the user interface have not changed.

Image Generation

The most prominent novelties of the MOBOTIX M10 with software M10-V2.0.3 result from image generation:

Image Display Using MxViewer

Displaying Logos

Display of graphics (logos) with the following properties (from model M10-Web):

Event Handling

Live screen

Softbuttons and CGI Features


Changes in the Live screen after resetting to factory settings:



Uploading software

Network Connections


General Administration

General Remarks

Quick Installation

System Information

Network configuration

Image Storage on the LAN

Logos and Image Profiles

Transfer Profiles


General Administration


System Update

Image controls

General image settings

Exposure Settings

Color Settings

JPEG Settings

Text and Display Settings

Event Control

General Event Settings

Event settings

Event Filter



Messaging 2

Enhanced Signal Out Options

Other Changes

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