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System Messages

Open the System Messages dialog to view information on the services running on the camera. For every service, up to 10 success and 10 error messages are displayed.

Note: The system messages are stored in the camera's RAM. In case of a power failure or when rebooting the camera, all system messages are deleted.

Structure of System Messages

Column Description
Time The system message's date and time
Service Displays the service that has issued the system message:
BOOT Activities from the camera's boot processes
EMAIL Activity from E-Mail messages
EVENT Activity from event detection and control
FTP Activity from FTP transmissions
IPMSG Activity from sending/receiving network messages (IP Notify)
ISDNOUT Activity from ISDN data dial-out processes
STATUS Activities from the camera's status process
STORAGE Activity from image storing on a file server
STREAM Activity from transferring images to other computers for viewing
VOIP Activity from VoIP connections
ID Internal process number of the service
Message Extensive message text of the service

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