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The Ethernet Interface

Your MOBOTIX camera is equipped with an integrated 10 Mbps Ethernet interface to connect the camera to local networks.

From the factory, the camera is pre-configured for a class A subnet:

IP Address: 10.x.x.x
Network Mask:

Quick Installation

The Quick Installation wizard is the easiest and most secure way for initially configuring the camera. It is performed automatically when the Admin Menu is opened for the first time.

Once you have selected the language, this wizard helps to configure the following basic settings:

Note: Depending on the settings you have selected, not all dialogs mentioned above will be displayed.

The Ethernet Interface Dialog

It is recommended that you use the Ethernet Interface dialog only when you feel comfortable with the terms and services involved. Invalid entries may render your camera unreachable!

General Interface Setup

Parameters Description
Ethernet Enable/disable the Ethernet interface. The factory default setting is on.
Additional IP Address The camera can manage two different network configurations. When you configure your camera for your network, select On in order to store the factory default configuration as alias configuration. Thus, you can make sure that the camera remains accessible using the factory default configuration.
Note: The alias configuration cannot be defined independently.
BOOTP/DHCP Provided these services are available on your network, the camera can use them to automatically obtain its network configuration. Ask your network administrator whether these services are available. If the configuration using BOOTP/DHCP has been successful, all other settings in the menu are ignored. If the configuration using BOOTP/DHCP fails, your settings or the factory default settings are used.
Camera name You can assign a host name to the camera that should describe e.g. the camera's location in more detail. Using this name, you can select the camera e.g. when configuring a Multi View screen.
Note: In order to access the camera on your local network using its host name, a DNS service needs to be available and a DNS server has to be specified.

Ethernet Parameters

Parameters Description
IP Address You can access the camera in the network via its IP address. Ask your network administrator which IP address is available.
Network Mask In order for computers to be able to communicate in a network, the IP address needs to be assigned a matching network mask. Again, it is your network administrator who will tell you which network mask to use.


Parameters Description
Default Route and Gateway IP Address A gateway acts a relay between individual networks and it coordinates the data traffic between these networks. The default route sets the gateway that is to be used when no other gateway has been specified for a special route.

Domain Name Service (DNS)

Parameters Description
DNS Servers In some dialogs (e.g. FTP Profiles), you can replace the IP address by a symbolic name (e.g. In order for symbolic names to be transformed to IP addresses, at least one DNS server has to be registered. In the Quick Installation wizard, you can select a DNS server or enter a DNS server of your Internet provider.
Note: The DNS servers entered here will only be used for the Ethernet interface. If an ISDN dial-out connection has been defined in the ISDN Data Connections > Dial-Out Connections dialog and this connection has been set as Default Route, the DNS servers assigned by the provider will be used.
Domain When you enter the host name without the domain name, the camera will automatically add the domain name specified here.

Storing the Configuration

Click on the Set button to activate your settings and to save them until the camera is rebooted.

Click on the Close button to close the dialog. While closing the dialog, the system checks the entire configuration for changes. If changes are detected, you will be asked if you would like to store the entire configuration permanently.

In order to enable these settings, you need to reboot the camera!

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