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MOBOTIX Camera News for Version M10-V2.0.3

Image Processing

Images With Mega Resolution: Open Help

All camera models of the M10 family (except IT models) now have new image sensors with max. 1280x960 pixels resolution. This resolution can be selected using the drop-down menu of the Live screen or in the General Image Settings dialog.

Digital Zoom With Panning: Open Help

Using the softbuttons of the Live screen, you can now select 1x (no zoom), 2x and 4x zoom. From zoom level 2x, clicking with the mouse near the borders of the image will move the image within the standard image in that direction (panning). This feature is also available, if a customized image size has been set that is smaller than one of the standard image sizes (160x120, 320x240, 640x480, 1280x960).

MxPEG: Open Help

You can view the MxPEG audio and video stream not only using MxViewer, but also using the MxPEG ActiveX Plug-in for Internet Explorer running under Windows (drop-down menu of the Live screen: Browser > ActiveX).

Automatic Switching to B/W Night Lens for M10-Day&Night: Open Help

For this model, you can select a trigger value in Lux in the General Image Settings dialog to let the camera automatically select the IR sensitive B/W night lens when illumination falls below the selected level. In order to prevent erratic behavior (e.g. when a car's light beam hits the camera at night) you can set a delay time.

For camera models with day and night lenses, but without automatic day/night switching, you can use Time Tables to switch between the day and night lenses.

Event and Action Control

Two Separate Messaging Paths: Open Help

The Messaging and Messaging 2 dialogs allow defining two different sets of messaging paths, each of which can use all messaging profiles (sounds, e-mail, phone profiles, IP Notify) that have been created on the camera.

Time Tables: Open Help

Time Tables allow controlling the MOBOTIX camera's arming, messaging, logo and obscure image area features by selecting the desired time table in the corresponding dialog. For special days (vacations, holidays, weekends, ...), you can define custom days that can be linked to specific time tables.

Configuring the Camera

Enhanced Network Tests: Open Help

Test Current Network Configuration has been expanded to include routes and the IP Notify profiles.

File Server Checks: Open Help

The Camera Checks allow monitoring the file server that the camera is using for external image storage. You can now send error messages using the camera's messaging and action profiles or directly on the camera using sounds or the camera's LEDs.

Routing features: Open Help

The routing features provide means to use different networks (e.g. Ethernet, ISDN) for different transfer and alert functions of the camera. The routing example describes how such a scenario might look like.

DynDNS Client: Open Help

Since the camera will most likely get a different IP address every time it dials up to the Internet or when using a router with a non-dedicated connection, the MOBOTIX camera cannot be addressed easily from the Internet. This is overcome using the DynDNS client of the camera, which allows using different dynDNS services to connect the dynamic IP to a ("symbolic") name of the camera you have selected.

FTP Profiles: Open Help

FTP image transfers are now managed using FTP profiles. The dialog allows setting global parameters at the top of the dialog (e.g. for authentication purposes at the FTP server) that can be used for the individual profiles.

E-Mail Profiles: Open Help

E-mail addresses are now also managed using e-mail profiles. This dialog also allows setting global parameters at the top of the dialog (e.g. for authentication purposes at the POP3/SMTP servers) that can be used for the individual profiles.

IP Notify Profiles: Open Help

IP Notify profiles allow defining several network messages and to use them in the dialogs that use messaging.

Time Tables With Custom Days: Open Help

The Time Tables allow controlling many features of the MOBOTIX camera, as the time tables defined in this dialog may be used in the corresponding dialogs. For special days (vacations, holidays, weekends, ...), you can define custom days that can be linked to specific time tables.

Improvements of the User Interface

The Live Screen: Open Help

New softbuttons

Changes to the drop-down menu

Enhanced online help: Open Help

The help system has been further expanded to include new features and now also sports a table of contents.

The complete online help is also available as Reference Manual as a PDF file from

Other News

Backup Operating System: Open Help

If the regular operating system is damaged while Updating the System Software, the camera will automatically use the fully functional backup operating system when booting the next time. All previous settings will remain intact. The camera will hence remain reachable after the next reboot although it is running on the backup operating system.

The Backup operating system always shows the software version at the time when the camera had been delivered. The backup system cannot be overwritten. This will allow you to retry updating the system software without running the risk that the camera becomes unreachable.

Background Image

For this version of the browser-based user interface of the MOBOTIX camera, a new background image has been created.

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